About Us

Welcome to The WhataPen!


Back in 2012 I was searching the internet and YouTube for a hobby I could start.  I was looking for something where I didn't have to buy a lot of tools and I could do this in my garage space.  I grew up watching my dad take scrap wood and create works of art.  So naturally I wanted to kinda follow that direction.  

One day I saw a video of a wood pen being made on a lathe.  I kept researching and watching more and more videos.  So one day my wife got a little fed up with me showing her the videos, so she just said "Just buy the stuff already and try it".  That day history was made and I ordered the starter equipment.  I found that creating unique handmade pens was becoming my stress relief.‚Äč

We are 8 years later and this little hobby has grown to a type of small business.  After a heart surgery my stress has almost disappeared from creating these pens.  I have a lot of happy customers who are using my pens daily.  And I get great emails or reviews of how my pens make them smile daily.  Being a ARMY veteran I pride myself in saying these are Made in the USA!


If you have some questions, please do not hesitate to reach out via the contact page. We will get back to you ASAP.

Randall Cunningham
WhataPen team