Handmade Pens

Handmade pens are writing instruments that are crafted by hand, rather than being mass-produced by machines. They can be made from a variety of materials, such as wood, acrylic, or resin, and may feature intricate designs or unique embellishments.


Handmade pens are often considered to be a luxury item and are popular among pen enthusiasts and collectors

Several reasons why someone might choose to buy a unique handmade pen

Quality: Made with high-quality materials and attention to detail, resulting in a pen that is both durable and beautiful.

Craftsmanship: Created by skilled artisans who take pride in their work with a lot of care and attention into each piece.

Uniqueness: One-of-a-kind, so you can be sure that no one else will have the same pen.

Personalization: Makers offer the option to customize a pen with specific colors, materials, or engravings.

Support of artisans: Buying a handmade pen supports the artist and small business who made it.

A special gift: Make a great gift for someone special, as it is unique, thoughtful and not mass-produced.


“One of the greatest men I know who also happens to create pens daily with quality that rivals anything you want to throw at them” Joey M. – California

“WhataPen is the art of writing craftsmanship revived, they rival pens costing ten times the price” Robert N. – Oklahoma

“I have been blown away by the quality and craftsmanship of these handmade pens, I didn’t just get one, I have 27 and still counting” Gary G. – New York

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