May 18, 2022
Here are 3 pens I finished on my metal lathe. Today I made a mandrel to be able to easily sand and polish the pens. Now after testing and trying to figure out the best way to sand and polish the metal pens I just feel I will never get every swirl or scratch out of the pens so I will just continue with my normal process of wet sanding to 12k grit. Then polishing as normal. So the aluminum or brass pens will not be a perfect clear shiny look, and I am ok with that. I have to remember these are handmade ...
May 9, 2022
If you have a business then you should get some handmade logo pens created. Yes they are more expensive and not cheap pens but they will last a long time and whoever you give one too will appreciate the quality.  Order 1 or 100 and each one will still be handmade by me.
May 6, 2022
Using and learning my new Metal Lathe to make one of my designs for a one piece all aluminum click pen that takes a G2 rollerball refill.  This is really fun and I am learning alot by watching videos on how to do things on the lathe.  Also is a video showing where I am cutting the angle for the nib area. #whatapen
April 28, 2022
I am in the middle of designing and creating my first all aluminum click pen on my new metal lathe.  This is just so much fun but taking notes on what I do sucks since I may need to reproduce it, lol.  
April 20, 2022
Finished this 100 pen business logo pens for a customer.  Why display just a website or company name when you can have a full body image on the pen. Order yours today! 
April 12, 2022
Created this Gator jaw bone in black resin on a gearshift for a customer request. The bone turns just like deer antler where it’s a little tough on tools and smells horrible. But it finished so well and has just a cool look!  
April 6, 2022
Here is a new style pen I created.  The Botanical twist pen has a unique design and look.  The body is handmade with dried flowers and plants under the resin.  Just a cool looking pen! 
April 3, 2022
These take time to assemble because it’s pieces like a puzzle, but the final pen is awesome.
March 22, 2022
This was a tedious but fun pen to make.  The body consisted of quite a few pieces that had to be put in place and glued in.  It is a wood inlay kit where are the pieces are laser cut and you put it together like a puzzle. 
March 16, 2022
Finished this handmade pool cue rollerball pen today.  I really like how this wood inlay kit goes together and fits.  It is challenging when trying to glue all the pieces together but well worth it! 

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