Everything is handmade in my shop by me a ARMY Veteran, WELCOME!
Everything is handmade in my shop by me a ARMY Veteran, WELCOME!
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Sign your name with a custom pen ✍, Your John Hancock just got fancier with Whatapen

Material Types Used

Wood - There are many species of wood that I use when making my pens.  But what is different is I leave the feel of the wood so you knows its wood.  Its sanded to 12000 grit and seal and finished with one coat.  So this leaves a very smooth but great wood feel not a plastic type of feel.

Alumilite - Is a premium, 2 part urethane resin which produces a smooth, shiny finish for a high-end finished product.  The color combinations are endless.  But when a clear is used it allows labels and other items to be placed onto the tube.  Which allows a very clear open look to the image.

M3 Metal Composite - Is a stunning heirloom quality luxury material.  Adds a whole new dimension by creating magnificent materials exhibiting spectacular wood grains (Mokume), patterns and surface characteristics that both mesmerize and inspire. Produced with exotic natural elements (metals, lava, carbon) that have been transformed by the M3 macro-molecular process enabling them to be worked with standard tooling, finished easily to a gem quality surface and will literally last forever.

A little about this ARMY Veteran

I started creating my handmade writing instruments in 2012 as a hobby for friends and family.  It has grown into a great following. This growth was due to all my Great customers who gave me good and bad feedback which allowed me to sharpen my skills, look and feel of my pens to what they are today.