Thick Aluminum Full Body Click Metal Pen


  • A full body one piece click pen
  • Each pen has 5 pieces: body, spring, refill, clip and click mechanism
  • A Schmidt all metal click mechanism from Germany is used so no plastic moving parts
  • The body is made from 6061 aluminum blanks that are cut, drilled and turned on my lathe
  • Average length is 5 1/2″ and a average diameter of 13mm
  • This is a handmade pen with a raw finish, it is sanded to have this look so no worries about scratching it or bumping it
  • The fingers groves can be black or just normal
  • A parker style ballpoint refill
  • The black clip is replaceable if it gets damaged or lost
  • A daily writer or a desk show piece
  • Insured Shipping included in price


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