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WhataPen Handmade Writing Instruments

A Pen as Custom as Your Signature!

Veteran Owned & Handmade in the USA


At WhataPen we are always creating new designs.  Some are customer driven and some are just and idea thought up.  


Sometimes you just want a ink pen that looks great and others have loved and purchased prior.  We have our most popular pen styles that you can check out and order today.  


Randall is a true artist and craftsman and I’ve purchase a few pens from him, but I absolutely LOVE my Icon Ballpoint Pen!! I never thought I’d be able to draw with a ballpoint, but Randall has crafted a beautiful, comfortable, well balanced writing/drawing instrument!! I can’t recommend it enough!!

John Lucas

The most interesting pen to date. There’s nothing that can truly be said that explains how good these pens are. You must truly experience them for yourself, don’t hesitate, grab one when you can. I must say this, Mr. Cunningham is one of the best custom pen makers ever. Invest one of his pens, you won’t be disappointed.

Joey Man

I just want to order, I don't need to see anymore!

Randall Cunningham


Back in 2012 I was searching for a hobby I could start. I was looking for something that I would have fun doing and could be my getaway for hours.  I grew up watching my dad take scrap wood and create works of art. 

One day I saw a video of a wood pen being created on a lathe. That day history was made and I ordered the starter equipment. I found that creating unique handmade pens was becoming my stress relief and I really enjoyed it. 

9 years later and this little hobby has grown to a type of small business. After a heart surgery in 2019 I found that creating my pens seemed to reduce my stress levels.  It also makes me happy to see my customers using my pens daily. I get emails and reviews of how my pens make them smile daily.

Being a ARMY veteran I pride myself in saying these are Made in the USA!

Do you want to up your pen game?  Contact us.

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