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The Green Mamba Juma handmade pen that is a custom, artisan-made writing instrument, crafted from the material as Juma resin. Juma is a type of resin that is commonly used in the creation of high-end writing instruments, such as pens. It is known for its unique, bright colors and its durability. Juma is prized by artisans and pen enthusiasts for its beauty and its ability to be turned and carved into intricate designs.

The Green Mamba is a highly venomous species of snake found in parts of Africa. Its skin is typically green, hence the name “Green Mamba,” and may have a lighter or darker shade depending on the individual snake and its environment. The skin is smooth and glossy, with scales that overlap to create a seamless surface. It is not commonly used for any practical purposes, as it is protected under wildlife conservation laws. The name “Green Mamba” has been used to describe the appearance of various other products, but its association with the actual snake species should be taken into consideration.

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