Handmade Executive Business Logo Pens

What is one of the best was to promote your business or company, make a employee happy or impress a client?  Give them a handmade logo branded ink pen that will last a lifetime and become their everyday pen.

​What is the process?



We can use almost any image, logo or company information that you like on the body of the pen.  Just send it to us so we can size it up and we will send the proof back for your approval.



Your approved image is then placed on a tube then submerged in a resin mold.  After curing it is removed, trimmed and then turned by hand on the lathe to the desired pen size for the style pen you want.



Finally the body is then wet sanded to 12K grit and polished on the lathe to a very clear look.  Then the body is assembled to the hardware again by hand. 

Takes about 2-4 weeks to complete the pens depending on order quantity.  

If you would like a custom quote or have any questions please just fill out the contact form below and we normally respond within 24 hours. 

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