New look for WhataPen

October 14, 2021

Well I have been thinking about this change for a while and I decided now is the time.  I changed my website to a blog style so I can report daily or weekly of what pens I am in the process of creating.  You can still get to the store to purchase the normal pens by just clicking Visit Our Store at the top menu.  

I will soon activate the comments box too so you can leave a comment on a post if you like. 

I hope you will like the change and enjoy to updates.  Thank you for always supporting! 

I am all about creating unique handmade writing instruments aka handmade ink pens that will last for a long time.  All of our ink pens are easily refillable with the normal refills you can get from almost anywhere.  They have a great balance so they feel great in the hand.  Hope you enjoy the handmade ink pens!

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