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Creating handmade pens is a unique and rewarding business endeavor that allows me to express my creativity, work on a craft that I am passionate about, and provide customers with high-quality, unique products. The process of creating something by hand gives me a sense of accomplishment and pride my work. Additionally, running my business allows for flexibility in terms of setting my own schedule and being able to work on something that I truly enjoy. From the selection of materials to the finished product, it is a fulfilling and satisfying experience. Additionally, this business allows me to be able to connect with customers who appreciate and value the craftsmanship that goes into each handmade pen.

A little about me:

I am Randall Cunningham, a semi retired entrepreneur and a ARMY Veteran, I create unique handmade writing instruments aka ink pens that people love an use everyday. All my pens are Handmade in the USA.

I started this hobby back in 2012 and it turned into a small business over the years as it grew and the WhataPen name was born and loved.

Hope you enjoy the handmade ink pens!

If you have some questions, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Randall Cunningham
Owner/Operator of WhataPen Handmade Creations, LLC

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